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Wheels and Tires

Overland Trailer offers utility trailer wheels, tires, and accessories from the most trusted suppliers in the industry.


Whether you need a new set of wheels, or supplies to fix a flat, Overland Trailer can help you find exactly what you need at the lowest prices in the St. Louis area.


If you need help finding the part you need, call us at 314-739-5775 and one of our experts can steer you in the right direction.

Wheels and Tires Available In Store​

  • Steel Trailer, Wheels & Rims

  • Chrome Wheels

  • Aluminum Wheels

  • Small Tires & Wheel Assembly

  • Tire Sealant

  • Center Caps, Hub Caps

  • Steel Belied Radial & Bias Ply Tires

Common Wheels and Tires Questions

Is there a difference between trailer tires and car/truck tires?

Yes. Trailer tires have stronger sidewalls than automobile tires so they can handle higher air pressures and heavier cargo loads.

What does ply rating and load range mean?

The load range indicates how much load the tire can carry at its specified pressure. The load range is identified with a letter rating - an H rating can withstand higher inflation pressures and heavier loads than a B rating. Ply ratings used to mean the literal number of ply layers that made up a tire's internal structure. Today, due to advanced technologies, fewer ply layers are needed so the rating represents an equivalent strength rating.

Do I need to use the same style tires on my trailer?

Yes. Using mismatching tires with different sizes, load ranges, or construction could lead to tire failure.

How do I know which trailer tire to buy?

You need to refer to the load-carrying capacity of each of your trailer's components - wheels, tires, hubs, and axles. Load capacities are the accepted standard axle applications for normal service while loaded equally from side-to-side. Your load-carrying capacity is limited to the component that has the lowest rating. For example, a 3.5K axle needs each wheel rated at 1,750 lbs, which combines to equal the axle's capacity.

As always, our professionals are more than happy to help you find the right tire for your trailer.

How do I find the rim width and diameter?

To find the rim width, you need to measure from inside the flange on one side directly to inside the flange on the other side. For the diameter, be sure to measure the inner bead seat, not the outer rim edge.

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