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Trailer Suspensions

Overland Trailer Parts offers trailer suspension parts from the most trusted utility trailer suppliers in the industry.


Just because you're hauling a trailer doesn't mean you can't have a smooth journey. Overland Trailer can help connect you with the suspension parts you need at the low prices you want.


If you need help finding the part you need, call us at 314-739-5775 and one of our experts can steer you in the right direction.

Trailer Suspension Parts Available In Store​

  • Single Axle Hanger Kits

  • Tandem Axle Hanger Kits

  • Triple Axle Hanger Kits

  • Springs, U-Bolts & Straps

  • Hangers & Equalizer

  • Hitch Suspension

  • Air Ride Suspension

  • Ride-Rite®Air Helper Spring

Common Trailer Suspension Questions

What is a trailer suspension?

Trailer suspension is a method of absorbing shock, cushioning trailer cargo, and attaching axles to the trailer frame.

How are the two types of leaf springs different from each other

Double eye leaf springs have eyes on both ends of the springs. Slipper leaf springs have an eye on one end and a curved surface on the rear end. Slipper springs are typically used for heavier applications and are available in more sizes and higher-rated capacities.

How do I mount a leaf springs to the trailer axle?

Place two U-bolts on either side of the spring to sandwich the spring between an axle plate and the spring seat. Springs be overslung or underslung.

How do I know which leaf spring replacement I should buy?

You'll need to determine a number of factors to find correct replacement leaf spring: the type of leaf spring, the width, length and arch of the spring, the number of leaves, and the weight capacity of the axle.

When should equalizers be used?

Equalizers are used on multi-axle trailers to transfer a portion of the load from one axle to adjacent axles when driving over uneven surfaces.

How many hangers does my trailer need?

Single axles need two hangers on both the front and rear axles. Tandem axles need two on the front, center and rear axles. Triple axles need two on the front and rear each, and four on the center.

How do I choose the correct hanger?

You'll need to know a number of factors when determining the correct replacement hanger: type of spring, width of the spring, capacity of the axle, bolt size, location of the hanger, height of the hanger from the top of the hanger to the center of the bolt hole.

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