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Brake Controls & Actuators

Overland Trailer offers brake controls and actuators from the most trusted utility trailer brands in the United States.


Don't hit the road relying on an iffy braking system. Let Overland Trailer Parts outfit your trailer with the very best in brake controls, brake actuators, and other trailer supplies.

If you need help finding the part you need, call us at 314-739-5775 and one of our experts can steer you in the right direction.

Brake Controllers and Actuator Parts Available In Store​

  • Brake Controls & Breakaway Kit

  • ABS Trailer Brake Systems

  • Surge Brake Actuators

  • Air & Air / Hydraulic Brake System

Common Brake Controllers and Actuators Questions

What is a brake controller?

A trailer brake controller is a device or module that engages a trailer's electrical braking system, either time-delayed proportionate to the vehicle's brakes when slowing or stopping. The device is typically mounted to the vehicle's driver-side dashboard area.

What are the different types of brake controllers?

Brake controllers are typically either proportional brake controllers and time-delayed brake controllers. Proportional brake controllers use an accelerometer  to detect the vehicle's stopping speed and then apply the same amount of braking power. Time-delayed brake controllers use a pre-determined amount of power based on towing weight.

Does the number of axles determine the type of brake controller?

Yes. Certain brake controllers may be designed for use with a specific number of axles.

What is a trailer breakaway system?

A trailer breakaway system is designed to activate the trailer's brakes in a situation where it becomes separated from the towing vehicle.

Does the breakaway system connect to my trailer's electric brakes?

Unless you're using self-adjust electric brakes, your manual electric brakes should be adjusted: (1.) after the first 200 miles of operation when the brake shoes and drums have seated; (2.) every 3,000 miles; (3.) when operated under special circumstances such as heavy use, frequent stops, or variable terrain.

Am I legally required to install a breakaway system on my trailer?

Most states require trailers with brakes to be equipped with a working breakaway feature.

What is the purpose of a brake actuator?

A trailer brake actuator is the method by which a hydraulic brake is applied, or actuated.

Can I convert my electric brakes to hydraulic brakes?

Yes, it's possible to convert to hydraulic drum brakes and disc brakes. Converting to drum brakes involves replacing the brake assemblies, running hydraulic lines, and adding an electric/hydraulic actuator. Converting to hydraulic disc brakes, the process includes installing calipers and rotors, running hydraulic brake lines, and adding an electric/hydraulic actuator.

What are the advantages of electric/hydraulic brakes?

Electric/hydraulic brake systems, which is when an electric motor activates a hydraulic pump that actuates hydraulic brakes, offer the controlled braking of electric brakes with the stopping power of hydraulic brakes.

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