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Axle Components

Overland Trailer Parts is your source for axle component parts and other trailer supplies from the top brands in the industry.


Whatever axle parts you need to get your trailer moving again, Overland Trailer can help you find exactly what you need at the lowest prices.

If you need help finding the parts you need, call us at 314-739-5775 or visit our Overland store and our experts can steer you in the right direction.

Axle Components Available In Store​

  • Replacement Beams

  • Hubs, Hub / Drums & Rooters

  • Wheel Bearing Kits

  • Spindles & Axel Hardware

Common Axle Component Parts Questions

Why is the seal I recently installed leaking?

The most common cause for seal leaks is improper installation, contamination, or a damaged spindle or hub. Even the highest quality seals can leak if improperly installed, contaminated prior to installation, or if there is damage to the mating surface.

Should a seal be lubricated before installation?

Yes. The rubber seal lips and axle spindle shaft should be pre-coated with a layer of grease to ensure the seal lip does not run dry. You should also ensure the seal OD and hub bore are free from contamination and lubricants. Lubricating the shaft is not necessary.

What is the proper way to install a seal?

 Prior to installation, make sure all mating components are from defects, nicks, and burrs that could damage the new seal. It is critical that the seal is aligned properly and the seal lip is undamaged. The seal lip should be adequately lubricated, which can be accomplished by lightly wiping grease onto the seal lip surface.  

How are trailer hub seals identified?

Trailer hub seals are identified by the shaft and bore diameter, and the seal width: (Seal ID x OD x width).

Which seal type and size should I buy?

The easiest way to get the correct seal is to use any number(s) listed on your old seal. Otherwise, your friends at Overland Trailer would be more than happy to help you identify your shaft and bore dimensions and make sure you get the correct seal.

What bearings should I buy for my trailer?

In order to determine the bearings needed for your trailer, you will have to remove the hub and remove the current bearings. Those bearings will have a universal number etched into the center.

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