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Axle Assemblies

Overland Trailer offers axles and axle assembly parts from the most trusted brands in the industry.


If you're working on repairing or replacing your trailer's axle, Overland can help you find exactly what you need at the lowest prices.


If you need help finding the part you need, call us at 314-739-5775 and one of our experts can steer you in the right direction.

Axle Assembly Parts Available In Store​

  • 2,000–27,500 lb Tubular Axles

  • 600–10,000 lb Torflex Axles

Common Axle Assembly Parts Questions

What are the most common types of axles for utility trailers?

The major types of axles for utility trailers are leaf spring and torsion. A leaf spring, or tube, axle requires a separate suspension system comprised of leaf springs and hangers mounted to the trailer. Torsion axles have an integral rubber suspension system built into the axle beam.

What are the advantages of leaf spring axles?

Leaf spring axles have replaceable suspension components, which can often be quickly replaced in the field.  On the other hand, replacing a damaged torsion axle can be more expensive because often times the entire axle must be replaced.

Can I mount my leaf spring axle directly onto my trailer?

Yes, though we don't recommend this type of mounting directly to the frame. When this is done, the load is transferred directly to the frame and may result in a very harsh ride. Additionally, total axle capacity is also be reduced by at least 50%

Which measurements are needed to order a leaf spring axle from a single wheel trailer?

The main measurements required are the hub face and spring center. The hub face measurement is the distance from the wheel mounting surface on one hub to the wheel mounting surface of the opposite hub. The spring center measurement is the distance from the center of one spring seat to the center of the opposite spring seat.

How is axle capacity determined?

All axles have a gross axle weight rating, or GAWR, which is how much weight your axles can carry and is determined by the lowest rated component in the assembly. There are numerous factors that determine the weight rating on a particular axle, including such items as tube diameter, tube wall thickness, tube length, overhang measurement, bearing combinations, and the type of hub that will be used.

What's an axle spindle?

An axle spindle is the end section of an axle where the trailer hub is mounted.

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